The Drive East

See below for photo galleries, blog posts, and other relics of my travels from Washington to Maine.

In order to avoid a colder and harsher winter across the north, I decided to loop down south before making my way east. Although I still hit some frigid conditions through the Southwest, experiencing many of the southeastern states for the first time was invaluable.

It brought me so much joy to encounter a significant amount and wide range of our country's public lands! As the third largest country by land mass, the U.S. has an INSANE amount of protected land exhibiting an endless variety of habitats. I find these lands provide amazing opportunities for experiencing plant and wild life, getting lost in thought, understanding the geologic processes of different regions of the country, building friendships, among many other wonderful endeavors.


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An unsorted assortment of photos collected throughout the eastward drive. Use the scroll buttons on each side to view all pictures.

Blog Posts

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